Women and their long hair! You can see it everywhere, but the most annoying thing is when long hair unclogs your shower or bathtub drain.

Loose hair in a drain mixed with soap scum will create an ugly hairball that will plug the drain, and this is what happened in my bathroom last Saturday. An enormous hairball created a plug in the main bathroom drain not letting water to flow. So, to unclog it, I poured a pack of sodium hydroxide balls onto the drain, and I inhaled all the vapors which caused me a nasty cough. Thankly that I ended only with a cough!

Guess what happened after using those toxic unplugging balls? The hair plug was still there not letting water to flow!

So, I used the traditional baking soda and vinegar method which unplugged successfully the drain.

You need:

– 2 cups of baking soda
– 3 cups of vinegar
– 3 cups of lemon juice

How to use this natural unclogging method?

  • Well, first step is to pour baking soda into the drain followed by those 3 cups of vinegar which will cause a bubbling reaction.
  • Leave these 2 substances to act for 20 minutes, and then pour some hot water into the drain.
  • I advise you to repeat this process, and at the end pour those 3 cups of lemon juice to remove any unpleasant odors.