After redecorating our living room, my husband and I bought a beautiful hard wood table from Pottery Barn. I literally love this coffee table! But, it seems that I’m the only one loving it, because my husband puts his hot coffee mug on the table and not on the cup support. And I keep telling him that, over time, if you place hot dishes directly on the table surface, some white cloudy marks will appear. Not listening!

The beautiful dark wood finish is gone! We had to replace the table, and take this hard wood beauty on the porch, because, apparently, no trick worked in removing those whity-stains from the table.
But my smart ass husband came with “the let’s save some money solution”, and he restored those white and cloudy heat stains, making the table look like new!

Why buying another table or covering it with a table runner when you can easily remove heat stains from wood. So, check out the following lines and learn how to remove heat stains from wooden furniture.

You need:

– Guardsman Water Mark Remover

Start by removing the cloth from packaging. It says that you can reuse this cloth over and over again.

The process in removing heat stains is pretty simple. You will only have to rub the cloth over the heat stains for 1 minute using circular movements. If the heat stains is still there, rub for another minute by pressing harder on the stain in the rubbing process.

What can I say, after 3 minutes of intense rubbing those horrible heat stains disappeared from the table surface.
I honestly tell you I’m super happy that my pottery barn table isn’t ruined. My husband is trilled about his discovery, and I don’t smack his brains out by using the cup support!