Hey there! If you are wondering how to make those blood stains disappear from your sheets, then you are reading the right article, because I have the perfect solution for you!

Last week, my brother and sister in law came visiting me for the weekend. Since childhood, my brother suffers from bloody nose. This is a well-known fact, and due to fatigue the blood popped out of his nose while he was resting for half an hour after a long drive.

I wasn’t amazed when I found blood on the pillow case!
But, I had the perfect solution in removing those bloody stains right away, without letting them get deep into the fabric. This works great even for old blood stains, but you have to rub it harder and to repeat the below procedure several times.

So, you need:

– hydrogen peroxide
– cold water

How to?

Well, is so easy! If the blood stains are fresh, just soak the pillowcase in cold water for a couple of minutes, and then pour 1 or 2 teaspoons of hydrogen peroxide over the stains. Leave the solution to act for 3 minutes. During this time, you should see how hydrogen peroxide will start fizzing, and then rub the stain between the palms of your hands or using soft-bristle toothbrush.

Repeat the process if necessary, but those fresh blood stains will get off your sheets from the first application.
I can’t say the same thing about old blood stains! There you have to apply hydrogen peroxide more than once.

Important! If your bed sheets are dark colored, you would want to mix hydrogen peroxide with water otherwise you risk bleaching the sheets.