We are dealing with hard water daily and its present in each American house. I know that we are used with it running from our taps. But seeing hard water deposits on faucets, tubs and sinks isn’t something you want to get used with.

Well, I can say that removing hard water deposits is kind of challenging when it comes to bathroom cleaning, especially when you have to remove it from the shower head. It’s a pleasure seeing how water flows with pressure from each hole.

But, the best thing in removing hard water deposits from shower head is that you don’t have to use harsh chemicals. Many of us are using chlorine for bathroom cleaning, but you can put those toxic chemicals aside, because vinegar has the super power in melting down any trace of lime scale without damaging chrome.

So, arm yourself with the following materials and start cleaning your shower head:

– large Ziploc bag
– vinegar

Cleaning procedure:

  • Start by filling the Ziploc bag with vinegar. Pour enough vinegar to cover the bottom of the shower head completely.
  • Now, place the zip bag over the shower head and use a rubber band to catch tightly the bag around the shower.
  • Leave the vinegar to act for 1 hour, and then check if the hard water deposits are gone. Of not, then you may leave the vinegar act for another hour.
  • At the end, remove the zipper bag of the shower head and let hot water run with pressure for 2 minutes to remove any lime scale deposits left!

Tip: pour the leftover vinegar onto the drains to prevent them from clogging.