Hey there, my dear readers! In this article I want to tell you about the super cleaning powers of Bar Keepers Friend. I have no interest in promoting this product, but I can honestly tell you that is my “under-the-sink product”! It can be used in cleaning your entire house, and I can say that I’m really amazed by its qualities. It will save your time and money if you purchase one of those.

Bar Keepers Friend must be introduced on the multi-purpose products, because it will clean everything. So, stop at the market and purchase this cleaning powder, and take a closer look over this article to use it wisely.

1. Clean The Acrylic Bathtub

Bar Keepers Friend is your handy soap scum and scuff marks remover. Just use a damp sponge and dip it in the powder then start rubbing the stained area.

2. Remove Hard Water Deposits From Glass Shower Doors

It’s not very pleasant to see the glass shower doors filled with hard water deposits, but this miraculous cleaning powder will remove any difficult stain from them.

3. Clean Ceramic Toilets And Sinks

If you are dealing with dark stains or rust stains on your toilet bowl or sink, then Bar Keepers Friend will help remove it quite easily.

4. Remove Rust Stains From Everything

Many bathroom items, such as toilet bowl, sink or tub will start to catch some rust due to moisture. But using Bar Keepers Friend will along with damp sponge you’ll easily get rid of it.

5. Clean Chrome Faucets

Bar Keepers Friend is perfect if you use it to clean chrome. It will remove any trace of scum and rust, so give your taps a nice BKF scrub.

6. Repair Scratches On Dishes

After years and years of intense use, dishes will get scratched, but Bar Keepers Friend will help you repair those unsightly scratches.

7. Clean Pots And Pans

You can give your pots and pans a nice polish using Bar Keepers Friend. But if you’re dealing with burnt food residue stuck on the bottom of your pots and pans, you should know that BKF is your handy cleaning powder.

8. Clean stainless steel kitchen sink

If you want to maintain the shine and beauty of your stainless steel kitchen sink, Bar Keepers Friend is the perfect under-the-sink helper.

9. Remove residue from glass stove tops

You can remove any trace of stuck plastic or burnt food out of your glass stove top with Bar Keepers Friend. This cleaner will make that messy glass stovetop shine again.

10. Clean Stainless Steel

Each stainless steel appliances found in your home can be easily cleaned with Bar Keepers Friend without scratching the material. Just use a soft damped sponge dipped in BKF and wipe gently any stainless steel surface.

11. Clean Greasy Oven Racks

Those greasy and grimy oven racks can be restored to their original shine with a fine Bar Keepers Friend scrub.

12. Remove Greasy Grime From Oven Glass

You don’t have to use harsh chemicals as long as you have Bar Keepers Friend. It will help you to remove any grease stains out of your oven glass quickly and effortlessly.

13. Clean Burnt Trays

Last week I’ve baked some pork ribs and they were delicious, but the oven tray looked like it was saved from fire. But I managed to clean and remove all the burnt-on juice with Bar Keepers Friend. It works wonders even for burnt-on food from glass trays.

14. Clean Cloudy Glassware

It’s embarrassing to offer a cloudy glass to your guests! So, to avoid this you can easily clean it with Bar Keepers Friend.

15. Shiny Chrome Rims

Yeah, it works wonders for those dirty and grimy rims. Offer a blinding shine to your car rims with Bar Keepers Friend.

16. Repair Car Scratches

Wow! Car scratches can be removed if you apply a small amount of Bar Keepers Friend on a magic eraser sponge. Dab the scratches gently they will disappear right beneath your eyes.

17. Remove Sticky Label Residues

Don’t get mad when you see that sticky residues on the bottles! They will easily be removed if you give them a gentle rub with Bar Keepers Friend and some elbow grease.

18. Remove Dark Stains From Wood

Just make a paste of Bar Keepers Friend and water and rub the dark stains on your wooden furniture with it. Use a sponge or a clean cotton cloth.

19. Clean Tarnished Silver

In a couple of minutes you will restore silver with the help of Bar Keepers Friend. It’s perfect using it on those vintage silver items which got tarnished over time.

20. Clean Brass

Nothing works better on brass than Bar Keepers Friend. You will easily bring back shine on any brass item.