I honestly tell you, if it weren’t for my soap scum remover, I would’ve changed my shower cabin and tiles, because they were entirely covered with hard water deposit and soap scum. I used all sort of chemicals and homemade cleaners to remove it, but soap scum collects quickly on tiles and shower doors, creating a disgusting environment.
Last week, while I was scrolling around Pinterest, I read about this amazing soap scum remover which everyone was absolutely fascinated! I said, let’s give it try! In my opinion, was another praised homemade product, but I was soooo wrong!

After using it, not only that those ugly soap scum traces were removed, but also its effectiveness lasted throughout the entire week.
Well, it seems that I found my soap scum remover and I bet that you will be as fascinated as I am!

So, grab the following ingredients and do some bathroom cleaning!

Tip: if your shower is made of granite, marble, travertine or other natural stone material, this soap scum remover is not for you!

You need:

– 1 cup of vinegar
– 1/2 cup of Dawn dish soap
– scrub brush
– 2 spray bottles

How to prepare:

Well, add the vinegar and Dawn dish soap into the spray bottle, shake it well until the liquids incorporate, and the solution is ready to use!
In the second spray bottle, add undiluted white vinegar! You’ll see why!

How to use:
First of all, spray undiluted vinegar all over the soap scum residues! Literally, I’ve sprayed vinegar all over the shower cabin surface! Now, let the vinegar to act for 15 minutes to soak all the soap scum residues.
The next step is to use the scrub brush and rub thoroughly the entire area for 2 minutes. This way, you’ll remove most of the soap scum residues!

Ok! The ghost is cleared now, so you need to spray the Dawn soap and vinegar solution, and make sure that the entire area is moistened in this solution. Using the same scrub brush, start rubbing thoroughly the area until foam is formed! Let this foam act for 10 more minutes.

The last step is to scrub the area again with the brush to remove the soap scum along with the foam (this process doesn’t last more than 1 minute) and then give your shower cabin a nice rinse with cold water.
You’ll be amazed by its results!