Yesterday, I had a night out with the girls. Guess what? If a few years ago our conversation were about boys and trips around the world, now we share tips instead.

The great thing about my night out with friends is that this exquisite shared information is really helpful in our day-by-day life.

As a matter of fact, when Frank saw my phone, he got shocked: it was full of greasy film.
The thing is that I am used with it – I have oily skin and all that body oil remains on the phone every time I use it. Oily skin is a big disadvantage, but I’m still fighting against this problem.

Anyhow, Frank “sold” me this great screen cleaner recipe that will effectively remove any trace of body oil or fingerprints out of your phone screen. It’s great in using this diy screen cleaner for your laptop, ipad or TV.
I keep a small spray bottle in my purse, and I’m using it every time to clean my dirty phone screen.

Ingredients Needed:

– rubbing alcohol
– distilled water
– empty spray bottle
– lint-free cloth

Preparation Method:

The amounts of this screen cleaner depend on the spray bottle – fill the bottle half with rubbing alcohol and the other half with distilled water. Shake the bottle very well to incorporate the ingredients.

How To Use:

Just spray over the entire surface of the screen, and then use the lint-free cloth to wipe away any dirt off the surface.

Remember: use only the lint-free cloth, otherwise you may risk scratching the screen.
Tip: I use this solution to clean my glasses.