Chewing gum is the most known candy, and even if is not a great habit, we all chew gum once in a while.
However, the most annoying thing about chewing gum is when it sticks on the sole of your sneakers. You can find this flavored candy not only on the market shelves, but also stuck on the sidewalk, on the back of the chairs in the waiting room or stuck under the table. Yes, people can do that!

But, it’s absolutely annoying when you are on a run and suddenly a nasty chewing gum gets stuck on the sole of your shoes, and it won’t get out.

It happened, once, when I was walking down like a total diva on a catwalk, to step into a sticky chewing gum. All the fame instantly gone away, because I wasn’t able to get it out of my new pair of stilettos! As I was attending a wedding, a woman told me how to remove that sticky gum from my shoes.

If this sounds similar to you, then take a look over this article and learn how to remove a sticky chewing gum from your shoes.

There are a few ways to get chewing gum out of shoes, but I will begin with the one I used at the wedding.

Peanut Butter

  • Apply a thick layer of creamy peanut butter to the gum. Leave the peanut butter in place for about 10 minutes. Rub a wire brush over the area to remove the gum. The peanut butter will pull the gum off along with it. When it’s gone, clean the sole of the shoe with water.


  • Spray the gum with WD-40 and wait one minute. The gum should come off with a paper towel.

Ice Cubes

  • Put the shoe in a plastic bag with ice cubes. Make sure the ice cubes only touch the soles or the heels, or you may damage the shoe. Press the bag so that the ice cubes press against the gum. Hold it there for a while, so the ice cubes freeze the gum. When the gum is frozen, remove it with a knife.


  • Put the shoe in a plastic bag. Wrap the bag tightly against the shoe and close the bag well. Put the shoe into the freezer for about one hour. When you take the shoe out of the bag, you will see that the gum is stuck to the bag.