Moving in a new rental apartment often brings you all sort of pleasant and less pleasant surprises. When my boyfriend and I decided to move in together, and begin our life as adults, was a challenging experience. We faced with a lot of household problems and there was no mom and dad to solve them, just us! Still laughing! Beside broken pipes and clogged drains, the rental was a total mess. So, we put on the cleaning suit and the dirty job begun.
The most challenging experience was cleaning the bathtub, better said, removing some dirty and yellow stains out of it and create the perfect place for our body to relax peacefully – and there was no way we could do that in that bathtub.

So, we brought in the heavy artillery, but I was surprised how those harsh chemicals were badly ruining nasal airways instead of removing those disgusting yellow stains out of the bathtub.

But the saving phone call arrived: Frank mom’s called to check on us, and she told us how to remove those nasty yellow stains from the bathtub, effortlessly! Thank you, mom! We are cleaning experts now!

You Need:

  • Hydrogen peroxide (you will find it in drug store on a decent price)

Steps To Clean The Bathtub:

  • First step is to fill a spray bottle with hydrogen peroxide or attach a sprayer on the existing bottle.
  • Then, remove the shower curtain, bath mats, towels, and everything standing on the tub, because hydrogen peroxide is a bleaching agent and you may risk ruining the fabric.
  • Now, give a nice cold water rinse to your bathtub to remove any dirt or hair particle from it.
  • Start spraying over the entire inside surface of the bathtub with hydrogen peroxide. Leave the solution to act for 15 minutes.
  • After the time elapsed, take a non-abrasive sponge and start rubbing the tub thoroughly.
  • If the stains are not completely removed, repeat the procedure until the bathtub is sparkling clean. I repeat this process trice, because it was absolutely necessary!

Hope this is useful! Take care!