Living in an area with hard water affects glass objects such as shower doors, dishes, and mirrors. The tiny water marks on glass are pretty unsightly, and if they aren’t removed, the entire glass surface will be covered with hard water dots.

As washing them with soap and water won’t help you much, you have to use special hard water removal products. While these products can be useful for cleaning glass shower doors, using them on dishes can be a bit risky, as they contain chemicals dangerous to health.

Therefore, natural solutions work best: they protect your health and don’t leave hard water stains on your dishes.

To that end, I’d like to share with you the next natural hard water remover that is perfect for your glass dishes, as well as many other surfaces.

🛒 You need:

▪ White vinegar
▪ Cold water
▪ Paper towels
▪ Well, now let’s start the preparation process:

🧽 Instructions:

1. The first step is to purchase 1 gallon of vinegar, since you will need a lot of it.

2. Fill one half of the sink with vinegar, and the other half with COLD water (hot or lukewarm water will not be as effective as cold water).

3. Let all glass dishes soak for 3 hours in this vinegar solution (at least as much as will fit in the sink).

💡 Tip: You’ll know that this vinegar solution is effective if you notice small bubbles on the dishes’ surface.

The dishes can be removed one at a time, put to drain on the dish rack, and then dried with paper towels. Your glass dishes will look sparkling clean now.