I remember my mother always yelling at me to use the cup support, and stop leaving my hot mug on the wooden table. If I would’ve listened to her, now, I wouldn’t ruin my time searching for tricks to remove water marks and heat stains out of my coffee table.

I have this beautiful hardwood table, received as a gift from my grandma. It’s an antique! After refurbishing, I placed it in my living room, and it’s a match along with my furniture. But, I’m sloppy sometimes, and using the cup support seemed a great effort, until some unaesthetic white rings appeared on its surface.

This table dates back since 1920, and it’s very fragile. Another refurbishing means a new coffee table.
Hence, removing water marks from my antique coffee table was actually an easy process, without being necessary in using harsh products to ruin its aspect nor replacing the table. Just open the fridge, take the mayo jar and apply the following steps to remove water marks out of antique coffee table.

You need:

– mayo

How to apply mayo to remove water stains from hardwood?

Well, apply mayo as such on the water rings. Use a tablespoon and apply a thick mayo layer over the water marks. Let it work as much as it needs until the water marks are completely gone. You may leave the mayo act overnight, remove it with a soft cloth or paper towels.

If water marks aren’t gone, then you must apply another layer, and leave it act for another night.
As a matter of fact, I was really impressed on how this mundane ingredient works wonders in removing water marks from antique hardwood coffee tables. I’m definitely using this trick again (well, I rather use the cup support), and I truly recommend this awesome trick to everybody.