Everyone make mistakes once in a while, including my husband! Last month, we decided to repaint the walls – our home needed a new spark. So, we arm ourselves with the necessary tools and many paint cans, and go Johnny, go!
I was expecting to wipe paint stains from the hardwood flooring and other home appliances, but I didn’t expected my husband to cover the furniture with newspaper – nothing wrong here – and stick it with duct tape. You know what happened! Duct tape residue remained on the furniture. Great! How to remove them, because changing the furniture wasn’t an option for me? It would’ve made a big hole in my budget, and I honestly tell you that buying expensive furniture cleaners wasn’t an option, either.

So, I searched online for a quick and inexpensive way to remove adhesive residues from the wooden furniture, hoping there’s a way! It seems that I’m not the only one dealing with such thing, and I’m glad that I found a solution for my problem.

Anyhow, I want to share it with you, because duct tape resides on wooden surfaces may seem difficult to remove, even if it’s not like that.

You Need:

  • mineral oil
  • cotton cloth

How To Use:

  • Well, too simple to be true! Just apply some mineral oil over the duct tape residues and spread it around using your fingers. Let it stand for 30 minutes, and then use the cotton cloth to rub the surface gently.
  • You will see how adhesive residues are easily gone, in front of your eyes.
  • It’s not necessary to apply another mineral oil layer, because these stains will be gone from the first application.