A stuck zipper is really annoying – just imagine a cold and windy day and your coat won’t zip up! At some point, we all end up with a stiff zipper.

I went visiting my aunt and uncle last week in Valdez, Alaska and packet my ski suit along with other winter clothes, because it’s freezing out there. It was a fun and memorable family trip, especially when I my hair got stuck into my ski jacket zipper. Beside that I had to cut my hair strand, the zipper got stuck and it didn’t loose up. Since I didn’t want to use force to loosen up the zipper aunt Jackie came with the saving solution! She knows all these crazy tricks in solving small problems. I guess the weather won’t give you much outdoor activity options.

So, let me teach you how to loosen up a stiff zipper. This trick works both for coats and bags.

You Need:

  • Vinegar
  • Candle wax
  • Cloth
  • Cotton ball
  • Graphite pencil


1. Lay the stiff zipper garment on a table. Imagine that this process was done in a coffeehouse.
2. Now soak the cotton ball in vinegar and start rubbing the front of the zipper from top to bottom and repeat to the other side.
3. Sharpen a graphite pencil (we asked the waitress to borrow us one) and rub the tip of the pencil up and down the length of the zipper. Repeat the process on the other side. This pencil will work as a dry lubricant that will help the zipper slide easily.
4. Next step is to rub some candle wax on both sides of the zipper, unstucking it. Tip: any waxing material will work if you don’t have a candle wax at hand.
5. Use a clean cloth to wipe any waxy excess from the zipper.

Good To Know: in case if the zipper won’t slide, rub some more graphite pencil or wax on it.