Winter is just around the corner, and we can’t wait to see the first snow fall. Weepaa! I can’t wait! The snow would be perfect if it didn’t melt at some point, leaving filthy, disgusting dirt on the sidewalks and driveways. If you’re walking in these conditions it’s practically impossible to keep your shoes dry, especially sheepskin UGGs. Once the salt dries, it leaves an unattractive white or grayish film on the boots, causing them to deteriorate completely.

You have to keep in mind some important facts about dyed suede when removing salt stains on sheepskin UGG boots: many methods will remove salt stains, but they’ll also remove the color. So be careful which one you choose.

The following steps should help you clean dyed sheepskin UGGs without removing the color:

You Need:

▪ 1 cup of water
▪ ½ teaspoon of dish soap
▪ Toothbrush with soft bristles
▪ 2 cloths

Steps To Follow:

✅ In a small bowl, mix 1 cup of water with dish soap. To create soap suds, stir the toothbrush well into the bowl.

✅ Now, take the soap suds with the toothbrush and scrub the salt stains from the boots.

✅ To remove any remaining salt stains, wet 1 cloth in warm water, wring it well, and then rub it on the boots.

Well done! Just leave the boots to dry naturally. However, if the salt stains didn’t disappear from your boots, you may want to try removing them with vinegar.

Mix equal parts of water and vinegar and soak a cloth in the solution. Rub those stubborn stains in circular motions.

❌ Proceed with caution! Even a diluted 50/50 solution of vinegar and water can cause fading and dye loss in colored suede. It may be a good idea to test the solution on a small area first. If the color changes, you can add more water to the mix.