As autumn fades, we slowly put aside our trenches, jackets, flats, and obviously, our knitted UGG’s, because it’s time for those warm and cozy sheepskin UGG. But, before storing any autumn item, I properly wash or clean it. Since cleaning my autumn clothes and flats was a piece of cake, I ran into major problems when I decided to clean my knitted UGG’s.

My first instinct was to throw them into the washer and start the wool cycle, but I’m glad that I didn’t do it. That could’ve been the last time wearing my knitted UGG’s!

So, after searching over the internet for some advices, I decided to apply some of the tricks I found. And guess what? My knitted UGG’s are in a perfect condition and super clean. Can’t wait to wear them again the following spring.

Important! Never wash knitted UGG’s in the washer or dry them in the dryer!

Steps to clean knit UGG’s

Cleaning A Small Spot

Choose a gentle cleaning product such as Woolite because it won’t cause the colors to run or fade.

So, if you have only one spot on your UGG’s, such as spilled coffee, you can mix 1 teaspoon of Woolite in 1 cup of water and blot the stain using a clean cloth until it’s gone.

Cleaning Both Boots

To clean both boots you need a little patience. Just fill a bucket with 1 gallon of warm water and add 1 cup of Woolite. Stir well, and then hand wash each boot at a time. At the end, rinse well the boots with warm water, but don’t wring the material too much because you may stretch the knit.

Drying The UGG Boots

Stuff the knit UGG boots with white papers to gibe them shape while drying. However, don’t stuff them too much because they will dry too loose. Be careful to change the paper periodically when it’s wet.
Tip: you can place them in front of a heater vent.