I am the proud mother of a three year old daughter who recently started kindergarten. So, in her first day of kindergarten, I dressed her up like Tooth fairy and got her a new pair of pink UGG’s (her favorite color). Of course, the magic wand was a fixture to her outfit! However, the magic didn’t last for long, because at the end of the day she was looking like Miss Piggy (and I don’t want to offend The Muppets)! Leaving the dirty outfit aside, her new pair of pink UGG’s was full of scuff marks. I am the type of mother who doesn’t spend a fortune on child clothes or shoes (kids grow up in the blink of an eye), so I bought her a fake pair of UGG’s. The Walmart type! Hence, my question was: how do I clean her fake UGG shoes, because they looked awful and I wearing a pair of shoes only once wasn’t such a great idea.

The saving solution came from another mommy at the kindergarten who seems to be an expert in all sort of cleaning tricks.

Just grab some supplies and get to work:

  • Magic eraser – never fails
  • Your husband’s socks
  • Mild detergent
  • Small blanket

The how-to process:

Well, the first step you should do is to take that Magic eraser and start scrubbing those scuff marks and dirt off your kiddo’s shoes. After you’ve done some scrubbing, you’ll see that most dirt is gone.

Now comes the final process! Take a pair of your husband’s socks, roll and stiff them into one boot. Repeat the same procedure with the other boot. Add mild detergent and laundry softener in the detergent compartment, and then throw the blanket and fake UGG’s into the washing machine. Set a 30-minute washing cycle (or delicate).

When the washing cycle ended, remove the socks from the boots and let them dry naturally in the sun or in dry air.

Important! Don’t put the fake UGG’s in the dryer because you will damage them.