Hello! I want to tell you how I almost throw away my clothes after I stained them with paint! Yeah, I thought this is the last option, but thankfully, I read on the internet some interesting tips in how to remove paint like a pro from clothing.

So, I said, let’s give it a try!
I pop up at my grandma’s door and I found her with the house torn up, because she was repainting the walls. I was like: omg, grandma, you should call for help! So, I grabbed some paint brushes and helped her to finish what she started!

But, you can’t repaint the walls without spilling some paint stains on your clothes. I found this impossible! That’s why my favorite fucsia summer dress was looking like a polka dress! White small paint drops were all over it!

But, as a problem solver, I still can wear my favorite dress all summer long, because the next trick will remove even the most stubborn paint stain.

You need:

– aerosol hairspray
– toothbrush
– butter knife

How to proceed?

  • Well, you should be careful when you choose the hairspray. It’s a must to be an aerosol hairspray because it contains alcohol which will help you loosen and remove dried paint out of your clothes.
  • So, spray over the stain until it’s well moisten in hairspray, and then rub the clothing item to loosen the paint.
  • You can rub it with a butter knife or toothbrush, both worked very well.
  • You will see while rubbing the stain how it will start to soften and the dry out. This is the moment when it will come out of the fabric.
  • The next step is to wash the stain under hot water and add some Vanish oxi action while you’re rubbing between your palms.
  • I know, the stain is not gone yet, but you have to repeat this process a couple of times, depending of stain size.
  • The stains on my dress were small and they were after the first application, but the process must be repeated for a bigger stain.